Netherlands Maritime Museum Amsterdam

The Netherlands Maritime Museum is housed in the National Naval Depot, a former
arsenal of the Dutch Navy that is over 300 years old. The unique and superb collection
tells the story of the maritime past of the Netherlands. The jetty outside the Museum
provides a permanent berth for a replica of the Dutch East Indiaman Amsterdam.
Actors playing the sailors provide a 'life-like' impression of life on board the Amsterdam.

Thanks to its many rivers and location on the sea the Netherlands became a nation of shipbuilders, explorers and merchants. In the Golden Age Amsterdam emerged as the
world's trading centre. The museum is located in a stately building which was built more
than three centuries ago as a storage depot for the navy. There were dozens of
shipbuilding yards in this part of Amsterdam, including those for the navy and the
Dutch East India Company (VOC).

The Amsterdam and the journey to the East
On the jetty you will find the magnificent replica of the Dutch East Indiaman Amsterdam.
This ship sank off the coast of Southern England on its maiden voyage. Step aboard and
feel the atmosphere and adventure! During the whole year the ship is manned. The
stalwart sea dogs unload the cargo, scrub the deck and sing old shanties. In the film
theatre you can experience how rough life was during the long journey to the Indies
(suitable for those around 10 years old and up). But first have a look outside at our steamship, lifeboat and herring lugger!

Four centuries of navigation history
Your voyage through the Maritime Museum begins downstairs at the wonderful royal barge
and leads to more than 25 rooms featuring paintings, navigation instruments and model ships including old sailing vessels, luxury passenger ships and giant container ships. You
can view scenes of sea battles and naval heroes, trace the routes to far-away places on authentic maps, peer through a periscope, or visit a radar cabin. And finally see the
beautiful old racing boats in the watersport loft.


©2009 Dori Kaden